Dress To The YES!: Let’s Look Beautiful…Brides!

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Owner/CEO - Travian Vann Bridal

After celebrating the “YES” to the ring, reality will slowly creep in that you are GETTING MARRIED! Some of the initial questions crossing your mind will be, “What are we going to wear?” What color? Will we choose a traditional, civil, intimate, formal, destination, cruise, or vintage venue? These days, wedding themes are endless; however, the right attire to match your theme is even more important. No worries, I am here with a couple of tips to assist you to “Dress to the Yes!”



“It’s YOUR big day, so wear what makes you happy,” is something I always catch myself saying to brides. We all have seen the traditional wedding gown and tux attire; however, come on, it is 2022, and time to throw those age-old rules out the window. If you both want to wear gowns or jumpsuits, DO IT without any regrets. If you want to wear the traditional dress and tux, honey, ya’ll better DO IT (with a twist) because it’s your day! If you have a spontaneous side and want to show it, throw on a custom fedora and confidently walk down the aisle. Your personality is the many qualities that form your character, so what brings you comfort will also bring out the fun! Say it with me, “Personality matters…!”


Have you ever attended a wedding and thought to yourself, “Everything was so beautiful, but their attire did not match the theme?” For instance, you are at a Jamaican beach wedding, anticipating the bride to walk down, and finally, she walks in wearing a ruffled wedding dress dragging an eight-foot train. Okay, please don’t shoot the messenger, but she will have enough sand saved up in those ruffles to build a sandcastle. Now let’s not count out the ruffles; instead, the bride could have elected to wear a lightweight organza heel-length ruffle gown accentuated by a thigh-high split. So say it with me, “Attire matters…!”


Let’s look…Beautiful brides, Jennifer and Raven, had two different personalities and decided to show it through their attire. After an in-depth consultation, both brides decided on whimsy designs with a hint of spicy. Jennifer, the prissy and sociable of the two, wore an ivory bespoke illusion mermaid gown, adding a touch of sparkle that highlighted her gorgeous silhouette. She added the “spiciness” to her attire by opting to leave her back out. Talk about a 360° view of pure beauty with a hint of heat!

Raven, a former collegiate basketball player, was very adamant about not wearing a dress. With a cool, calm, and collected personality, she wanted her attire to be simple, comfortable, yet elegant. So Raven decided on an ivory bespoke jumpsuit to accompany Jennifer’s gown. As you may notice, I used the same fabric from Jennifer’s gown to make the bodice of Raven’s jumpsuit. 

Jennifer and Raven chose an intimate rustic theme. The two exchanged vows amid a beautiful spring day on the Canopy rooftop, a hotel located in North Bethesda, Maryland. The neutral colors of blush, soft peach, and beige accented the personalities of the gorgeous brides. Last but surely not least, can we shout out to Jennifer and Raven’s guests for understanding the assignment? Every person in attendance followed instructions and wore neutral attire. A beautiful view, the right personalities, and the right people made it the perfect day to get married! 

– Big Hugs & Kisses to Jennifer & Raven from Black Gay Weddings.


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